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Detaillierte Information zu der Agentur B-lingual Experience

B-lingual Experience

  • Vermittelt deutsche Au-pairs ins Ausland (outgoing)
    hauptsächlich nach: Spanien, China
  • Vermittelt ausländische Au-pairs nach Deutschland (incoming)
    hauptsächlich aus: Spanien, China
  • tätig seit 2012

Selbstbeschreibung der Agentur

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B-lingual Experience is an intermediary agency that works to achieve a cultural exchange between young foreign Au Pairs and families.

B-lingual Experience has a wide experience in successfully connecting foreign and national students that want to work in Spain or abroad as an ‘Au Pair’ with nice and friendly families.

If there are something that makes a difference to other agencies is the way how we take care of our clientes. We are a small but efficient agency that works hard for their clients, giving them a personalized and adapted service to meet their specific needs. We offer a specialized training for the Au Pairs and families, to make sure the culture exchange happens. In this training we give to the Au Pairs a lot of ideas and different ways to entertain the Kids so all enjoy their afternoons and evenings and make sure they all understand what is a cultural exchange. This training is also a social event where the Au Pairs make their first contacts, who will probably be their best friendships during the Au Pair stay and probably forgood.

We know perfectly both sides of the Au Pair world. What it is like to be the Au Pair as well as the host family as we have personally experienced the two. In case of problems we will be there to try to solve the problems, and if there is no solution we will look to replace with another family, or another Au Pair...

B-lingual Experience

ES-28029 Madrid

Tel.: (0034) 647 488 033

E-Mail: info-remove this text-@b-lingualexperience.com
Website: http://www.b-lingualexperience.com

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